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Friday, 31 July 2009



Approximately 1 in 20 children have been taken into care,
some adopted, at some point in their lives.

Nearly 60,000 children are taken into care each year.

That's the entire population of 100 average primary schools.

Each case costs the taxpayer an average of £70K in legal fees, many cost over £350K.

There are other costs,
costs that needlessly drain the resources of local authorities,
central government and charities.

Private children's homes charge up to '£7000 per week per child'
and in Slough for example foster parents get '£400 per week per child'
taxpayer pay over £830 million pounds a year for children in care.

That's an average of £2,500 per child, per week
-more than four times what it would cost to send a child to Eton.

PLEASE Consider forwarding these facts widely,
firstly to raise awareness of what is being done to people in YOUR name
secondly to assist StolenKids- to help more people.

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Wednesday, 29 July 2009



I have deliberately anonimised this message - but it is an object lesson to all!

The author deliberately placed the material in the public domain. I, like the author, hope that it proves a warning of the vulnerability of particularly Mums with attractive young children that have not been the victims of abuse - are well nourished, attractive, unmarked with no visible defects or natural signs of fear.

They seem to be the ideal victims for forced adoption, fulfillment of quotas and as a vehicle for a very lucrative industry sponsored at the tax payers' expense from the public purse!

The following is an email which I have forwarded to MP`s via the Parliamentary Megaphone. It has highlighted a lot of concern and is being acted upon at present.


During March 2003 I became a victim of Domestic Violence at my home, the perpetrator being my husband.

At this time I was suffering from Post Natal Depression.

I never contacted the police.

The following day I had to attend the Baby clinic in order to have my 10 Week old baby examined by a Health Visitor before he was given his Vaccination by a GP. While there, I broke down and told the HV that my husband assaulted me the previous night and asked for help, the HV had me examined by a GP, where bruises were noted.

My baby was also examined for Shaking Baby Syndrome because I was holding him and my husband took him from me during a struggle, no injuries were found. The HV contacted Social Services and a social worker (I will refer to this social worker as SW=A ) came to the clinic and asked me to accompany her to the Social Services Office, which I did.

She told me that I must stay at my mother`s home with my baby until further notice.

I stayed with my mother until the following week and attended an appointment with the SW=A at her office at approximately 2PM.

While there, I told her much of my background and she asked me to go to a Women`s Aid shelter but I told her that I wanted to return to my home. A Senior social worker ( SW=B ) joined us in the office and he again asked me to go to Women`s Aid, again I said no, we discussed the matter at length but he refused to let me go home unless my husband left our home. SW=B was in telephone contact with my husband and my husband agreed to leave the home and arranged to go to his mother`s home 50 miles away, his niece was on her way by car to collect him.

Approximately one hour later, SW=B changed his mind and said that it would not be safe for the child to return home in case my husband returned in the middle of the night. He again suggested that I go to Women`s Aid but I refused to go. He then told me that he was going to take out an Emergency Protection Order to remove the child from me.

At approximately 9pm that night three police officers arrived at the building, a policewoman, SW=B, myself and baby went into the family room, at this time SW=B asked me to go to Women`s Aid, but I refused.

The policewoman then explained to me what the Order meant and if I did not go to Women`s Aid my child would be removed from me. I realised the seriousness of it and held my baby tightly to me as I didn`t want to lose him and pleaded with SW=B to let me go to Women`s Aid.

He replied to me, "It`s too late to take the EPO back once it is served". The policewoman then had to forcibly remove my baby from me. My baby remained with Social Services and I was brought home by the police.

There was a Family Hearing about five days later.

I was trying to get my baby back. Judge asked SW=B why he didn`t rip up the EPO and put it in the bin when at the last minute I asked to go, because the whole purpose of the EPO was because I refused to go. SW=B told the judge that I never asked to go at the last minute. SW=A corroborated SW=B` version, yet she was not even in the family room.

My Legal representative "at that time" told me that she would be taking action against both social workers for committing perjury and perverting the course of justice when the family proceedings were over.

The proceedings ended during 2004. I paid a visit to my Legal rep` office along with my husband and asked her if she was taking criminal proceedings against both social workers and she replied, "This is not about who was right and who was wrong" and no action will be taken.

I later went to my current solicitor and he directed me to make a complaint to the police.

The police carried out a lengthy investigation and the police officers who were present on the night of my baby` removal verified that I did ask to go to Women`s Aid, and also, SW=A was not even present in the family room but was in the corridor of the building where she was given my baby by a police officer. The police prepared their case and made recommendations to the PPS that both social workers be charged.

I do know that SW=B did make a statement to police denying that I asked to go to Women`s Aid but at a later date changed his mind and added that I did ask to go but the Trust had already made up their mind to remove my baby.

In a letter dated 14/05/2008 from the PPS, it read:

I am writing to notify you that a decision has been taken not to prosecute any individual in relation to an incident which occured between the 1st day of April 2003 and the 31st day of May 2003.

A prosecution can only be directed where there is sufficient evidence available to afford a reasonable prospect of obtaining a conviction and is required in the public interest. Where the evidence available is insufficient there can be no prosecution.

The evidence and information reported, together with the recommendations of police, has been carefully considered by an experienced Public Prosecutor. Having done so, the Public Prosecutor concluded that the evidence available was insufficient to afford a reasonable prospect of obtaining a conviction.

Accordingly a decision has been made not to prosecute any individual in relation to this matter. I can assure you that this decision was reached after a most careful examination of all the evidence and information reported.

The Public Prosecution Service is working with Victim Support Northern Ireland in order to provide support to people in coming to terms with the experience of being a victim of crime. An information Leaflet is enclosed detailing the services provided by Victim Support. You may contact Victim Support directly if you wish to access any of their services.

Yours sincerely

My Legal rep` contacted the PPS and queried the decision. The PPS reviewed the case and the decision remained the same.

The police investigation, which was thorough and precise, took twenty months to complete and I feel that the PPS` failure to prosecute was as much an insult to the police as it was for me and my family.

I received a further letter, dated 15 December 2008 from the PPS in relation to a telephone query from my husband. It read:

Dear Mrs

Request For Reasons

On 15 December 200 a telephone call was received in this office from Mrs ........ requesting reasons as to why a no prosecution decision issued in this case.

There is no duty on this Office to give detailed reasons for decisions. However, in the particular circumstances of this case I consider that it is appropriate to give an explanation.

The decision not to prosecute was taken by a Public Prosecutor who is a qualified Solicitor. He took the view that the evidence was insufficient to support a prosecution.

I have reviewed the information and evidence on file and have concluded that the decision not to prosecute was within the range of decisions that a reasonable Prosecutor could take. Indeed, had I been the decision maker I also would have directed no prosecution.

The Prosecution Service can only direct a prosecution where the evidence supports the conclusion that if the case were brought to a Court there would be a reasonable prospect of securing a conviction.

In this case, you alleged that SW=B told lies under oath at ......... Court. SW=B was interviewed about this and denied making the statement in Court that you alleged. Police enquiries did not unearth any evidence supporting your account.

For the Prosecution to secure a conviction it must be proved in Court beyond reasonable doubt that a crime has been committed. In the circumstances, where a suspect denies the offence and there is no evidence supporting the allegation then there is little prospect of the case being proved.

I trust that the above explanation is of assistance to you.

Yours sincerely


I am writing to you as a mother, wife and as a citizen in the sincere hope that you, in your professional capacity, would support me and my family in getting justice in this matter and to hopefully prevent what is happening to us from happening to others.

I don’t have the expensive education or the big words to convey in writing the pain, upset and indeed damage this whole matter has caused to my family and how cheated we feel.

However I am wise enough to know the simple difference between “what is right and what is wrong” and this is wrong and on our own we are powerless to act, we need your help to put it right.

Please help us in anyway you can!

My Legal representative has more insight into this case than I have and would be ready and willing to assist you in any way that he can.

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